• Excellent anti-wear and anticorrosion properties, increasing the durability of the lubricated components
  • Good performance with respect to seals, without aggressiveness to the hydraulic hoses.
  • The 10W grade has a very fast air-release time and good filterability, avoiding any cavitation risks in hydraulic pumps
  • Friction properties adapted to the types of CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU and other construction machinery friction materials
  • Very shear stable viscosities preserving the hydraulic pump volumetric efficiency
  • Very fluid at low temperatures, they are immediately active when starting in cold climate
  • Formulated with selected base oils associated to a recently developed chemistry, they provide to the end user, a better oxidation resistance at high temperature together with a drain interval extension
  • Emulsifying, they fully keep condensation water in emulsion and avoid pump failures during winter or rapid degradation in summer
  • TOTAL DYNATRANS ACX 10W, 30 & 50 are adapted to hydraulic systems, powershift gearboxes, axles, wet brakes and final drives when the manufacturer recommends a fluid meeting CAT TO-4 or one of the above-mentioned specifications.

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Dynatrans ACX 10w

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