• FLUIDMATIC DIII MV is an automatic transmission fluid that meets GM Dexron® IIIG / IIIH and Ford Mercon® standards.
  • This lubricant is formulated with premium base stocks and carefully selected additives to meet the challenging demands of an automatic transmission environment.
  • FLUIDMATIC DIII MV is a well-balanced fluid for heavy duties and passenger cars equipped with automatic transmissions thanks to friction modifiers, detergent dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, corrosion inhibitors, and defoaming agents.
  • FLUIDMATIC DIII MV is a high-quality friction-modified lubricant previously qualified by both General Motors and Ford.
  • Before using the product, the vehicle's maintenance guide should be checked. Oil changes should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • The product should not be stored at temperatures over 60°C.
  •  It should be kept away from sunlight, intense cold and extreme temperature fluctuations. If possible, the packaging should not be exposed to the elements. Otherwise, the drums should be laid horizontally in order to avoid any contamination from water and to prevent the product's label from rubbing off.

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