• Clean-Shield Technology with its high Total Base Number (TBN) content is specially designed to keep the engine parts clean and to ensure protection against corrosion and wear, making your engines run more smoothly for longer time.
  • TOTAL RUBIA FLEET HD 200 10W / 30 / 40 / 50 is recommended for all turbocharged or naturally-aspirated diesel engines of commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, vans, pick-ups, taxis...), and for all off-road applications (public works, agriculture, navigation, rail road) requiring API CF performance.
  • This lubricant is also suitable for all diesel stationary engines (energy production).
  •  TOTAL RUBIA FLEET HD 200 10W / 30 / 40 / 50 is well suited for gear boxes, torque converters and hydraulic systems when the manufacturer requires engine oil with an appropriate grade for these applications.
  • Before using the product, it is important to check the service manual of the vehicle: the drain is carried out according to the manufacturer's requirements. The product should not be stored at a temperature above 60 °C. Exposure to strong sunlight, extreme cold or high temperature variations must be avoided. All packages should be protected from bad weather conditions. The drums should be stored horizontally to avoid a possible contamination by water and the damage of the product label.

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Total Rubia fleet HD 200 SAE 30