• TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is especially suitable for engines used in earthmoving activities (quarrying, construction, mining, railroads...) requesting API CK-4 or CJ-4 level. Furthermore, thanks to its numerous approvals, it can be used also in “On-road” truck engines. This lubricant withstands very long working periods under severe conditions and high load, with dust and heat.
  •  TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is recommended for engines equipped with Exhaust gas after-treatment system meeting EURO Stage V (or US EPA Tier 4F) Standard and, for On-Road, EURO 6, as well as previous standards. TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is particularly suitable for American, European and Japanese engines.
  • Thanks to its specific “LOW-SAPS” technology (low content of Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur), TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 is designed for the latest Diesel engines equipped with post-treatment systems, such as Diesel particulate filters (DPF) or DENOX catalysator.
  • TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 exhibits excellent thermal stability ensuring efficient lubrication of hot engine pieces during severe and long working periods.
  • TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 has been especially reinforced in viscosity stability under shearing and oxidation resistance (much higher than simple API CK-4), providing the possibility for the end user to reach or to exceed the maximum manufacturer’s drain interval recommendation, even under severe working conditions with bad Fuel quality or with Bio-Diesel fuel. The advanced “LOW-SAPS” formulation TOTAL RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 helps prevent the clogging of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and extends the post-treatment system durability.

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Total Rubia works 4000 15w40

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