Wesmar Thrusters, Stabilizers and Sonars


Bow & Stern Thrusters

Built Rugged for the Toughest Jobs in the Most Demanding Environments

WESMAR's line of commercial grade counter-rotating dual propeller thrusters sets the standard in the marine industry. The use of counter-rotating dual propellers, a WESMAR innovation, splits the power between two gear sets thus yielding very high efficiency. The aft propeller recovers the swirl energy left behind by the forward propeller creating more thrust.

All bow thruster components exposed to seawater are made of stainless steel including the 4-blade Kaplan props, drive leg, shaft, bearings and seal carriers. The higest quality seals are fitted to the input and output shafts to prevent water ingress and oil leakage. All seals can be replaced without dismantling the complete thruster unit. This best in class reliability translates to enhanced safety for the vessel operator and crew.

WESMAR thrusters are available with a choice of DC 12V, 24V, 48V, AC Variable speed, or hydraulic power. These drive options are available with proportional control


• Commercial grade bow/stern thrusters 5 to 490 horsepower.

• Efficient 7-inch to 48-inch counter rotating dual 4-blade Kaplan props.

• Stainless steel construction for maximum durability, reliability, and safety.

• Counter rotating dual propellers provide the most thrust per input horsepower.

• With more thrust, smaller tunnel diameters are possible minimizing hull space required as well as reducing drag and saving fuel.

• Can be interfaced into a Dynamic Positioning System.

• ABS, product design assessment (PDA), or other industry approvals areavailable if required.

• Low maintenance.

• Overbuilt for reliable operation.

• Multiple control stations can be provided with on-off or proportional controls.

• Easy retrofit: Upgrading your thruster is simple and easy! WESMAR's two bolt design allows for a simple drop-in retrofit on existing metric sized tunnels. Both the V2-7M and V2-10M Models are drop-in replacements for Max Power, Side Power, and Vetus thrusters.

• Optional proportional controls.

• Optional: Pre-mounted in steel, aluminum or fiberglass tubes.

• Best in class quality of design and construction make Wesmar thrusters a long-lasting investment. 





Auxiliary Propulsion Units

Compact, rugged design of the WESMAR's APU ensures reliability

WESMAR's unique Auxiliary Propulsion System (APU) uses hydraulic power sourced from the ship's generator to drive the propeller shaft providing back-up if the main engine is lost due to fuel contamination or mechanical failure.

The APU is a perfect fit with WESMAR's other hydraulically driven products and seamlessly integrates with WESMAR's Central Hydraulic Systems. It offers complete control from the helm and can be operated right from the bridge by simply turning the key and using the proportional joystick for forward and aft propulsion. The APU system is immediately engaged with a simple turn of a key at the helm, there is no need to leave the helm or visit the engine room to activate the system.

Powered by your vessel's generator or stand-alone engine, the APU allows fuel efficient extended operation, providing the ability to bring your vessel safely to port and avoid costly towing or worse - damage to the boat. Simplicity and practicality are the focus of this auxiliary system.

The compact, rugged design of the WESMAR's APU ensures reliability. It's robust, corrosion- resistant operation construction means it will be ready and waiting in the event that it is needed. As with all WESMAR products, the APU is built of the most durable materials to ensure a long life.

• Provides reliable propulsion in the event of system failures and avoids costly towing.

• Controllable RPM for low speed quiet trolling, maneuvering, and sight-seeing. • Quiet operation for late night and early morning departures resulting in minimal disturbances to guests and neighbors.

• Helm-mounted safety key lock to avoid unintentional operation

Precise Thruster Control

WESMAR’s Pro-Thrust G-Series controller puts every command at your fingertips. It’s easy-to-use, and gives you the ability to accurately maneuver your vessel like never before.

Fin Stabilizer Systems

Quiet and precise stabilization

It is important to understand that there are many factors that go in to selecting the optimal stabilizer system. Vessel characteristics such as LOA, weight, displacement, windage, roll period and metacentric height are all critical factors in selecting the best stabilizer system. How and where you Cruise are also important factors in your choice of a stabilizer system.

WESMAR's DSP5000 Wave-Smart uses predictive technology together with actual vessel motion to enhance the stabilization of the vessel. It brings faster response, smoother stops and replaces chasing and wasted energy while minimizing noise.

The DSP500 uses an integrated processor that combines the key elements of interfacing fin position, velocity and acceleration with the characteristics of the vessel. Add WESMAR's legendary rugged and reliable, neutrally buoyant hydrodynamic fins and a whole new level of comfort and control is realized. This new stabilization method delivers maximum comfort, a smooth ride, and quiet operation backed by over 50 years of WESMAR's maritime pedigree.

The DSP5000 control is simple and intuitive with seamless interfaces to today's advanced technologies, such as integration with GPS, CANBUS, alarm suites, and more. The activation of the system is achieved by one touch of a button and is available on-demand with no warm up time.


• Programmable and Expandable display / controller with an easy-to-use settings menu.

• Real time graphic display of fin reaction to roll that can be monitored by the end user. • Ability to add vessel specific custom display screens.

• WESMAR's WaveSmart® control system provides rapid response and control of the hydraulic system resulting in quiet and smooth positioning of the stabilizer fins.

• All system operation data can be down loaded to a flash drive via the onboard USB port if required for system troubleshooting.

• Advanced Display with simple and intuitive User Interface.

• Two modes for beam and following seas.

• NMEA 2000 interface to vessel GPS systems automatically adjusts to boat speed and position.

• CANBUS compatible.

• Advanced proprietary internal electronic gyro provides control feedback for roll and horizon working in conjunction to keep the vessel level in a wide range of conditions.

• System remains stable in turns and remains stable as vessel accelerates or decelerates.

• Rugged, triple layer fin construction features strong and lightweight structural foam.

• Available with single or dual actuators depending on fin size and system configuration.

A WESMAR Electronic Gyro Upgrade Modernizes Other Stabilizers Too

A unique WESMAR Retrofit Package allows boat yards and boat owners to upgrade older stabilizer systems to the state of the art electronic gyroscope and controls of the DSP5000. It has some unique advantages, including:

• No need to replace existing actuators and fins, therefore an expensive haul-out is not required.

• WESMAR’s Hall effect sensors let you make fin position adjustments right from your DSP5000 console.

• The WESMAR DSP5000 upgrade works on all models of WESMAR Roll Fin Stabilizers AND those of most other fin stabilizer manufacturers.

• A DSP5000 upgrade can typically be done in 1-2 days.

HD 860 Dual Beam Sonar

High Resolution Searchlight Sonar with Stabilized Transducers

Available in Multiple Soundome Sizes and Frequencies

Unbeatable Bottom Differentiation

WESMAR's HD860 provides superior fish detection close to the surface, mid-water and close to the bottom. The stabilized transducer allows you to stay on the fish and improve your catch even in rough seas.

Active Stabilization

On the HD860, the stabilization gyro is in the soundome, so when the transducer moves, the gyro senses that movement and corrections are made in the exact direction the transducer is pointing, keeping the sound beam on target. The WESMAR gyro runs 100% of the time. Other sonars have the gyro mounted on a bulkhead, making the stabilization less accurate.

Digital Link

Long cable runs are always subject to noise and decreased sonar performance. WESMAR's digital link between the sonar electronics (near the transducer) and the computer console in the wheelhouse operate noise-free for maximum sonar performance.

Searchlight Advantage

No Sonar has better directivity than WESMAR engineered transducers. The entire transducer surface area points in the direction of the fish in a sharp narrow beam. Dispersed fish and hard-to-mark fish are detected clutter-free.

Stabilized Downsounder Mode

When the seas get rough, the HD860 in the down sounder mode will keep the soundbeam where it should be: straight down. Fishing in ice? Raise the transducer inside the sea chest, and the sonar keeps running. It can be locked down for a reliable stabilized picture with zoom.

SS590 Single Beam Sonar

An Easy to Use and Operate Mid-Level Single Beam,

Gravity-Stabilized Searchlight Sonar

The SS590 is a mid-level six inch, 160 kHz searchlight sonar for commercial fishing. It is especially valuable for purse seining, but also highly effective for all sonar applications including, sport fishing.

Fishermen like the quick, hands-on control panel that keeps them on the fish, not the menu. No sonar transducer offers better direction control. One hundred percent of its surface area focuses a sharp narrow beam, making dispersed fish and hard-to-mark fish detection clutter-free.

Powerful detection capability and digital communications without cable loss or electrical interference enhances performance of this economically priced sonar. Bright, sharp target colors for detecting dispersed fish is a big plus.

No sonar transducers have better direction control than those engineered by WESMAR.

TCS785 Trawl Sonar

Forward Looker / Profiler / Downsounder

Unbeatable Bottom Differentiation

The model TCS785 is three sonars in one: forward scan, net profiler, and downsounder. These SMART sleds are available in two profiler frequencies, 180 kHz and 300 kHz. The lower the frequency, the longer the range.

More Information Means Increased Efficiency

The captain receives a wealth of information from WESMAR's trawl sonars. This information enables them to increase catching efficiency through shorter tows and reduced fuel consumption. Gear damage is also reduced by avoiding rough bottom and overfilling of the net.

The TCS785 trawl sonar is a “third wire” system that combine forward-looking and profiling in one headrope unit. Its split screen feature allows measurement of the net opening, profile of fishing circle, door spread and other gear geometry. The pressure sensor continuously monitors depth of headrope making it possible to align net and fish as they pass under the vessel.

Built rugged, yet lightweight, the TCS785 sled, when submerged, adds only 10 kg (21 lbs.) to the headrope.


• Depth sounder shows vertical net opening, footrope, and bottom.

• Data output connects to compatible video sounders to view depth line/net position across the screen.

• Emits audible signal for triggered catch sensors and starts the timer visible on the monitor.

• Easily obtain net opening dimensions using your cursor.

• Forward Scan: Lets you view the doors forward of the net as well as schools of fish entering the net.

• Net Profiler: View 360° degrees or smaller sectors. Keep watch as the footrope tends the bottom or net. Monitor fish as they enter, go over, or under the net. Watch the net change shape with adjustments and cross currents effects.

• Downsounder: A full screen downsounder helping ensure that no fish go undetected.

• Split Screen: Downsounder over net profiler. Two transducers operate simultaneously for a double view. Downsounder monitors the footrope and bottom, and marks fish in center. The profile transducer scans the net opening in high resolution. Plus, you can make sure fish are not passing under the net by using the 'zoom-window' feature.

• Water Temperature and Depth: Sensors within the sled give you accurate information on these parameters at the headrope.


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